Painted Palms

Fancying hoping a board a psychedelic carousel, mind you this psychedelic carousel happens to be showered in all manner of kaleidoscopic wooziness that literally peels feel good vibes from it crookedly kooky shimmering shell. Forthcoming from the painted palms, the latest in a long line of well heeled ensembles emanating from the frankly perfect polyvinyl sound house, is a debuting full length platter ’forever’ due after the seasonal fall. much admired by of montreal’s Kevin Barnes (really – do you need a better recommendation – I though not) who hooked up to them following the appearance of their ’canopy’ single. Reference wise Painted Palms deserve pride of place in your record collection next to those essential grooves from the Woods, the lead track ’forever’ just sneaked out as a heralding fanfare as to what to expect is a radiantly effervescent cutie smouldered in lysergic weaves drifting from the passing of ethereal Sgt Pepper echoes themselves translated and warped through the wiring viewfinder of the Zombies ’odessey and oracle’ and then spirited upon a magic carpet to venture upon the surreal sonic landscapes of a classic era elephant 6 collective aural picture book.

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