faster circuits

This lot hail from Philadelphia and describe themselves as an experimental Elephant 6 Collective styled power pop combo. Released a few months ago on the quite tasty sounding hope for the tape deck imprint, Faster Circuits’ ’tunes of glory’ is from early listening indications proving to be something of a corker. I’m suspecting their debuting full length – alas no information – this honey comes pressed up as a limited cassette outing. We haven’t quite got through the whole of it just yet – well in truth we have and its these three nuggets that caught our ears. ’liebe fur machinen’ as the title might suggest is typically unrepresentative of the album as a whole – we say unrepresentative deliberately as the album really does duck and dive amid a myriad of reference points and generic divides. Back to ’liebe’ a psychotropic kraut grooved gem that manages to sumptuously weave amid the kind of cosmic corridors more associated with the Warm Delights albeit here haloed with a wonderfully woozy west coast aftertaste whose melodic mainframe nibbles around the edges of the working for a nuclear free city soundboard. ‘dangerous’ arrives similarly hazily glazed in kooky electro squiggles that gloriously rupture and radiate with the same soft psyche unworldly allure of mirror mirror. All said our favourite moment comes courtesy of ‘relative obscurity’ wherein the dreamy lazy eyed and countrified MOR vibes dissolve amid smoky reverbs and bliss kissed states to shimmer and saunter awkwardly like some meeting of Big Star and the flying burrito brothers under the watchful eye of neutral milk hotel. Kinda cute and classy.

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