the novembers

And now for something totally chilled and from Japan no less a place from which we sadly hardly ever get to sample the sonic delights of, anyhow we eyed this on a band camp ramble, fourth album from the Novembers entitled ‘Zeitgeist’ just out and no doubt selling by the truckload, anyhow this lot do a neat line in emotional charged dream popping soft psych electro ambience – think we’ve covered all the bases there, we were taken by the second of two tracks currently showcasing the album on their band camp site. ‘flower of life’ be its name – a sweetly murmured slice of cold wave loveliness that had us in mind of a more romantically inclined B Movie cosying up to an equally thawed, animated and lovelorn modern eon. Alas not the New Order / Joy Division nugget of old ‘ceremony’ instead is a tenderly smoked nocturnal love note shimmered in the soft fizz of razoring riff ruffles amid swathes of minimalist key cascades that converge together to craft a slow burn beauty that grows ever so steadily in stature and density to blossom in a bitter sweet shoe gazing honey.

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