stranger son

How our little heart skipped with the news of new Stranger Son groove imminently arriving at a clued in record emporium near you soon, ‘last days of butterfly’ be the albums name – its due out on leonard skully records with ‘I got lucky’ being outed as an early warning taster as to what to expect. Alas not the happy clappy tune of old made famous by the King but a wallowing brooding bastard of a sort whose gritted sores take their cue from John Cooper Clarke and the Fall, this is bleak stuff best approached by those among you whose listening pleasures are lightened to the sounds of those early 80’s after the watershed pop sensations And also the Trees and the Artery, must say we love those dead headed riff opines very much cultivated in a harrowing Roland S. Howard stylising. We’ll try and nab that album for full investigation. For now a video…..we spoil you sometimes……


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