Been busy scampering around for information on this lot, alas to no joy. All we know is that this cutie cool post punk grooved honey has been sent ahead to herald the forthcoming arrival of a debuting full length platter entitled ’live wild die free’ which should you care to keep an eye and ear out for – and we firmly believe you should – is slated for February release schedules. Its by Swedish cold wave combo Vulkano and goes by the name of er ‘volkano’. as said must admit to being a tad attracted to this, rippling and rupturing between cooing and crunching its skittish and impish pony tailed tweeness is cut dead in its tracks by a kind of acute precociousness as though someone somewhere had cross wired the DNA’s of Clare Grogan and Violet Bott, as to the sounds, sparsely threaded minimalist electronics whirr dreamily atop pulsing and chugging riff strum struts which when gathered together sound deliciously awash in an ice cooled retroism that had we not known better would have had us imagining some recently recovered lost studio tape accounting some rare and impromptu meeting between Toyah, Lene Lovich and the Mobiles.


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