alex monk

Last featured in related despatches via his debuting ‘exchanging chairs’ set from a few years back, has it really been that long surely not. Latest opus from experimental ambient psychedelicist Alex Monk is the uber limited ‘indiscreet mirror’ set just out and available as a download or by all account on a nifty looking white vinyl variant housed in a screen printed sleeving. Now while we try and make the necessary overtures for hard copies we’ll just direct your listening interests to the sets opening salvo ‘the trickster’ which features a guest appearance by Sand Snowman Gavan Kearney (are the Sand Snowman still around we did wonder). A wonderfully bewitched slice of acid psych folk snaked upon a timeless rustic tapestry forged in lost old English folk madrigals, both haunting and enchanting this lysergic love note comes pressed upon an earthing that reveals an aural affinity shared with that of Sproatly Smith, Men An Tol and other similarly minded pastoral playsmiths, add to the palette the ghostly spectre of Paul Roland and the hazy whittling of Summerisle motifs and you have yourself something of a time tunnelled view of a forgotten village green age shrouded in mystery, macabre and mayday merriment.

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