no wave cinema

Something else we eyed on band camp is a forthcoming release by no wave cinema who we suspect is in reality new york resident Jonathan Carom. Not due until February wherein it’ll arrive on a limited edition cassette upon whose tape spools will feature an array of woozy spectral celestial pop by the name ‘sunsets by midnight’. so far there’s just two preview tracks oozing dreamily on band camp both we here are suspecting taking their cue from Cheval Sombre not least the title track which aglow in a tenderly traced hymnal aspect sweetly glides almost airless upon a demurring Spacemen 3 meets Galaxie 500 styled frailty all the time pierced by the heavenly haloing of dream drifted waveforms. More animated in texture is the crystalline fragile dream pop of ‘when she sleeps’ – a gorgeously frozen in the moment ice sculptured love note which to these ears sounds not unlike a thoughtful Durutti Column – need I say more, exquisite stuff.

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