pet ghost project

Must confess I’m a tad bit shocked to discover that this lot have been kicking out sounds for a fair few years now and have yet to trouble our radar. That is up until now wherein earlier today we were most engaged after tripping over their latest wares via bandcamp. Based in Brooklyn, pet ghost project have just released the six track ’idiot brain / genius heart’ set from which we eyed ’the consequence of thinking’ as being as good as any place to start your listening experience. Possessed of the same oddly off radar psychotronic persona of a youthful of montreal, this disarming gem wafts in on a cosmic headwind showering all with its curiously wonky and warping smoky toned carousel of sound which at the 2.33 market beautifully erupts and radiates with all the euphoric effervescence of mirror mirror in a swoon storm with the crimea. Quite gorgeous if you ask me.


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