polyvinyl singles club

I think the phrase ‘spoiling you rotten’ springs immediately to mind here, polyvinyl – an imprint much loved around these here parts – even despite the fact that we still haven’t heard that new of montreal album – are about to commence operations on a 7 inch singles monthly club in January. Okay not the most original idea granted and you’d be right for grumbling that we’ve turned over space to mention it. But hang with it for this is just a little bit special for there’s a loose concept attaching. Preferring to do things just a little differently the project involved a tascam four track cassette recorder being mailed out to the first chosen artist with a note to lay down two tracks which on completion they where required to post onto to the next artist of the list. At the last gasp a total of twelve bands / musicians in all culminating in 24 tracks on a recorder that had travelled back and forth across the globe capturing the wares of such luminaries as efterklang, sexton blake, john Vanderslice, cloud nothings, matt pryor and many more. Subscriptions limited to just 500 in exchange for your hard earned cash you get a t-shirt, a slip mat, a clear vinyl 7 inch every month featuring two exclusive recordings unavailable elsewhere along with digital download codes, a box to put them in and for three lucky subscribers each month the chance to have within your mail out an ultra rare white label of that’s months chosen selection. Sounds like a winner to me for further info go to http://www.polyvinylrecords.com/singlesseries/

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