disappears / cloudland canyon split

How cool is this. Get yourself a limited single, press up say, 300 copies. Have them stamped up on yellow wax. On 7 inches of vinyl of course because as everyone knows that the cutest format. House them in a yellow die cut sleeve. Offer a natty little pin badge for subscribers purchasing direct from you. Before all that of course call up two of your favourite bands from across the pond – lets say disappears and cloudland canyon. Invite them to put their spin on a brace of kraftwerk nuggets from yesteryear. Sit back and hey presto, wait for the spondoolies avalanche to happen. Disappears get to ruffle the acutely symmetrical side parting of ’Trans Europe Express’ and equip the blueprint with a curiously dark wave psychotropic fuelled dub-tronic arabesque groove, the massive and cinematic almost sucks you into its ever expansive void, bleak and sinister its bedded upon the kind of fractured psyche one might imagine seeping through the sonic surface skin had Add N to X ever deemed to shimmy up to Clock DVA. Cloudland canyon need no introductions here for in recent times they’ve graced the esteemed Trensmat imprint with their finest moment to date, here they rewire the consoles of ’radioactivity’ or as they’ve elected to call it ’radioaktivitat’ and pressed upon it a gorgeously mesmerising slice of mind bending cosmicalia that whirrs woozily amid the jubilant crush of motorik grooved radiant sunspot sirens. Out via sonic cathedral – you know it makes sense. http://www.soniccathedral.co.uk



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