Seemingly as old as the winds that carry it aloft and spoken in a timeless long dead musical tongue, ‘from the wells’ haunts and aches with equal candour as it traverses its lonesome and neglected path, a path littered with ghostly visions of empires before the fall and civilisations steeped in history and ruined by greed and war. Oblique, desolate and beautifully bruised, the sound of Preterite is haunting and harrowing, its not the first time we’ve encountered duo Genevieve and James for their debuting ’pillar of winds’ set from 2011 was as stunning as anything we heard that year, new album ’from the wells’ just out via union finale is released as a specially packaged CD limited to just 250 copies and promises the same. For now this the lead track ought to serve as a timely reminder as to the duo bewitching craft steeled as it is in the mercurial glow of a classic era Dead Can Dance.

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