dearly beloved

If I was a betting man I’d have laid down all my worldly possessions in contesting that we’d already mentioned this in passing and to wit with a mighty fanfare. However had that been the case we’d be right now snuggled up in a borrowed cardboard box busking for our lives trying to gather the readies for a pissing pot we could call our own for a quick rummage around our notes confirms that we were a little misguided and somewhat ahead of ourselves in our eagerness. Prized from their just released ‘hawk vs.. pigeon’ set comes ‘living proof’ from the dearly beloved. Now I’ll still maintain that we’ve had this rattling around our headspace far longer than we care to mention but I’ll be buggered if I can recall exactly from where. Anyhow this shock treated slab of spluttering grunge gouged rumbling effervescence should by rights be setting the hairs a jangling on the back of necks of you young indie pop sorts. among the assembled crew guest appearing on the album are members of m83, mars volta, broken social scene and the excellently named eagles of death metal – all of whom at one time or another have strayed under the watchful eye of these musings. As to the track, an abrupt adrenalin jab in the arm of frenetic cold wave clattering, this babe is over you like a rash, a kind of volcanic controller.controller replete with panic attacking sonic armoury and soaring dream popping stratospherics all locked, loaded and primed for maximum stereophonic white out bliss. Need I say more. Video thing goes like this……

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