I’m going to be totally honest with you and admit I’ve absolutely no idea who sent this along. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t acquired on a frequent foray into cyberspace via band camp etc….all said there’s no denying that this is simply gorgeous. Titled ‘hey’ its by Sheen who alas until I find the relevant listing is as about information as your going to get at the moment, five and a half minutes of absolute bliss is what’s on offer, a kind of Sundays meets Frente ethereal dreaminess all ice frosted in a moment, the cooing faraway vocals sweetly melting like some forlorn cosmic siren atop the spidery opine of a woozy oceanic post rockist murmur which coalescing together give it an alluringly sumptuous sepia framed torch like quality which at the 3.50 mark fizzes and catches alight in a glorious sun burst of bliss kissed feedback.

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