independant label market



Christmas comes early to Spitalfields Market which all being if this gets posted in time is this weekend or last weekend should it be the case that its uploaded later or worse still last month if the recent despatches of missives are scandalously held up on the God is in the TV conveyor which in both cases means you‘ve missed it and now have to patiently wait until next year – which on a happy note gives you fair chance to save your readiness for goodies that might or might not lay in store. Okay we appear to have run ourselves into a wordy cul de sac, so let‘s back track. This Saturday that‘ll be Saturday 30th November, Spitalfields market the old one that is, top flight indie pop label Memphis Industries will be airing their wares at the annual festive independent label market wherein they’ll be joined by elephant and Barbarossa types who’ll be on hand to sign, chat and sell various goodies among the lots signed grooves from the field music, polica and dutch uncles, a special gold ticket raffle with chances to win an entire years worth of album from Memphis industries on a format of your choice, as well as vinyl lucky dip parcels and free stuff among which will be an array of badges, tote bags and while stocks flow the occasional draft of Christmas booze.

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