menace beach

More top notch Memphis industries musicalia this time courtesy of a sneak peak at a forthcoming label debuting platter from the menace beaches who among their ranks have a revolving cast of talent that features members of the hookworms, pulled apart by horses, mansun and sky larkin. After a handful of outings via Desire and Too Pure the collective are due to release the ‘low talker’ EP in the new year. As a taster and pulled from that set ‘where I come from’ is an acute primal noise pop nugget earthed in a vintage neo primitive grooving that burns, fizzles and seduces to the cascading of sleekly drilled scowled riff halos which aside falling somewhere on an aural axis pinpointed between Dinosaur Jr and the Flaming Stars manages to nod ever so subtly towards John Carpenter (the New York based psychedelicist not the horror phonic sound track scorer), in short a sub three minute blister kissed babe that sumptuously unravels and fractures deliciously at the two minute mark into a shimmering ear candy laced cacophonic swoon.

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