agoraphobic nosebleed

Eleven tracks, total duration just over two minutes, initially came plastered upon a flexi included inside the decibel magazine of which given this dates back to about 2011 I’m not quite certain copies of now exist. Prime ear candy for those who steer clear of sappy seasonal delights and prefer their festive frolics dinked in – shall we say – shock treated agit core. Agoraphobic Nosebleed haven’t worried our stereo in more years than I care to recall which saddens us a tad, in their absence its nice to see they’ve lost none of their impish humour with titles like ’eyes like two piss holes in the snow’, ’no presents this year’ and ’frozen corpse stuff with holiday cheer’ being belched out under the hail of rapid fire annihilation, this treat entitled ’a joyful noise’ is your extreme noise terror, nepalm death and bolt thrower fused sonic bomb with mistletoe. Again this’ll be primed for further words of fondness in a later missive not before we’ve trained your gaze and ears upon the near epic – by their standards anyway – 49 second trouncing of ’little town of Bethlehem’ which I’m certain that prolonged exposure to will surely guarantee you’ll place on the next scheduled hand cart to hell.


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