flannelgraph records christmas compilation

And staying with all things Christmas related here’s something strange and unusual yet all the same quite essential from the flannel graph imprint, a label I should say of whom I’m certain we’ve mentioned in passing in various dispatches. Again we’ve got this on the back burner in readiness for inclusion in our bumper seasonal missive . it’s a compilation entitled ’the holidays don’t have to be so rotten – volume 4’ which aside title alone suggesting its been beaten to the punch by three previous instalments, gathers together 19 artists all bringing with them their alternate takes on the yuletide musical recipe. Again as with previous releases mentioned here – notably the ’for folk’s sake’ compilations, profits from this go to a Bloomington based addiction recovery centre by the name of the Amethyst house. Anyway as previously loads of nuggets here though for now it’s the Soporus cut ’dad’s home movies of me with my transformers’ that tweaked our ear lobe, you guessed it mainly for the title, kind of stands out, but that shouldn’t detract from the sounds within, orbital waveforms, analogue symphonic electronics that ought to appeal to admirers of the Weird imprint and strangely enough old school Din Disc / Factory groove and here I’m thinking very early OMD, a perfect bedfellow all said to that recent trase archive find via finders keepers, best described as a lunar ice cream van piping out bitter sweet Radiophonic opines, does it for us. http://www.flannelgraphrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-holidays-dont-have-to-be-so-rotten-volume-4


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