for folk’s sake it christmas 2013

Okay as you know the silly season is approaching fast and well we here are still collecting potential offerings for our super duper seasonal bumper missive. So with that in mind we’re saving this one for a missive or two though not before giving it a brief heads up by way of a mention to what’s shaping up to be an early contender for the sets best moment. For a fair few years now the ‘for folk’s sake its Christmas’ compilations have not only been responsible in their fine work at unearthing hidden talent but they’ve also gone a fair way to helping trusted charities with all profits from sales being allocated as such. This years set should hopefully see the coffers of the sterling work done by the doctors without borders swell considerably. As to the compilations a gathering in front of an crackling open fire of fourteen folk types, among the congregation left with pictures, patch and the giant, worry dolls, stornoway and many more besides seduce all in seasonal merriment. As said we’ll be back with this in greater detail at a later missive, for now though our favourite moment so far comes courtesy of the Pollyanna band whose ’Christmas all the time’ is detailed in the kind of lump in throat arresting glow that literally weeps from out of the grooves all twinkled and decorated in a softly teased sepia trimming that aches with dashed hope and a failing lovelorn sigh, utterly crushing but sweet all he same.

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