Its that time of year again when carollers do sing and good cheer, peace and goodwill is thick in the air (alas you’d think otherwise having read reports about the fisticuffs exchanged at various Asda stores on the black Friday extravaganza) all festooned in tinsel trimmings. As obligatory as turkey, tinsel and toy adverts, these last 15 seasonal year ends – 15 – has it really been that long – have been warmed by the arrival of the Yellow6 xmas selection. a gathering of recordings some unreleased, so reworked, some in alternate forms and some in the early stages of birth, initially only made available to friends, family and various press people though in recent years extended to the status of a fully fledged release, they have served as time capsules giving a brief insight into the huge ever expanding Y6 aural canvas. With reference to the Y6 site this release nearly never happened, it was feared it would be the last, 2013 has been a relatively quiet year by Y6 standards though new material in the guise of ‘dead vox‘ slowly simmers on a back burner and will hopefully see the day sometime next year. As to the assembled tracks here, those who subscribed to that quite sublime Silber outing recently – entitled ‘5’ – will be heartened to find the entire session included here while elsewhere the sounds by and large come pulled from the soundtrack to ‘the retrieval‘. while we send frantic begging requests for hard copies we’d like to draw your attention to the briefest cut on the collection ’two days previous’. this honey comes cast in a frosted spectral glow, fragile and frail there’s a sweetly forlorn John Barry like bruised beauty that ripples with bitter sweet 60’s inflections albeit as though refracted through a godspeed viewfinder.

Aside the drone collages, the ice sculptured melodic monoliths and the channelling of natures own mood swings, there‘s always the romantically refined side to the yellow6 persona. non more so is this envisaged and brought to focus than on the ‘terra vacina‘ stilled photo collage wherein the cut ‘and is‘ from his 2002 rocket racer album ‘music for pleasure’ sumptuously soundtracks – a gorgeously hazily glazed hush of silvery tipped shoe gazed shimmers mellowed and murmured in the breathless rubbing of an elegant hand craft traced in euphoric dimples and cast away upon dreamy shivers. http://www.vimeo.com76088311

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