Fancy something shall we say smoking and sophisticated, then kick back a spell and fall head long into the dreamy folds of telepath. Alas no information on these dudes except to say they hail from Japan and beyond that the trail runs cold. One things for certain they do a neat line in down tempo trimmed lounge exotica especially on track 2 – apologies but we can’t get our translator to kick in – wherein the lush 70’s slinky soul motifs ooze to the cool seduction of an Edwin Moses soundtrack retreated by Emperor Penguin. Opening cut ’tomorrow’ is a mellowing slice of lights out after dark ambient elegance tweaked finitely in the kind of frosted cosmic tropicalia afterglow that recalls a reclining Manual. Somewhere else ’blue’ sounds like a nifty slice of 70’s styled retro TV test card groove while for us the parting ’sunset’ provides the set with its best moment – a kind of orbiting ice cream van driven by the Go Team with the third eye foundation manning the serving hatch all trimmed in sepia and festooned in Polaroids depicting forgotten summers, quite sweet if you ask me./–2

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