linda perhacs

In the last hour three things have loosely dropped in our laps causing us to skip merrily around the gaff which aside giving cause to Dylan the house cat to go into hysterics has I fear nearly had our heart failing in a swooning overload, first up new album from Schizo Fun Addict (reviewed a little later and already deeply lodged in our affections after just one listen), a spiffing looking 10 DVD / Book set bringing to a close Warp films 10th anniversary celebrations – more about that briefly in a short while – and well – the return of Linda Perhacs. ’parallelograms’ perhaps one of the finest psych folk albums ever, its re-issue a year or two ago via sundazed proved that it had aged well and unlike many of its contemporaries still stood up today as a audio document of rare magical quality. Some forty years on and word is out of new recordings gathered up by Asthmatic Kitty and due for release in March entitled ’the soul of all natural things’. as a taster the label have released a Kyle Safieh directed video to accompany the track ’freely’. truly mesmerising stuff, okay not as woozy or unearthly as was on ’parallelograms’ but still enchanted with a magically ethereal quality that spell crafts its mesmeric love note amid an intoxicating romantic potion dimpled in pastoral ripples all cast upon an un-tethered panoramic canvas of free flowing beauty which some how make the intervening 44 years blur and dissolve apparition like in a forgotten haze.

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