pins christmas flip and seasonal cassette

More seasonal shenanigans this time from the Pins. This honey features on the flip of their forthcoming Bella Union single ‘waiting for the end’ as well as appearing on the bands own Christmas cassette – more about that in a second. ‘kiss me quick (its Christmas)’ is your three minute tinsel trimmed twang-a-rama groove, immaculate in short, like a Christmas tree gathering of Ronettes and Shangri-La’s types replete with Link riff growls, sleigh bells and a smattering of fairy dust, what more could you wish for – well it seems the blighters might well have beaten you to the punch on that one because they’ve rounded up a party list of friends each of them donating a Christmas chestnut of their own with the proceeds from sales of the 12 cassette entitled incidentally ‘hymns’ going to the SWAP charity who help and assist refugees and asylum seekers. Among the roll call assembled – post war glamour girls, September girls, the supreme god, brown brogues, zissou society and many more – all comes housed in a natty looking prayer book type tape cover – go to for more info…..

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