the hollyberries

Says here ‘available as a limited 7 inch pressed up on surf foam coloured vinyl’ which we’d love to describe if we had a copy to fondly hold, hug and of course play to death. More Christmas cuteness this time from the Hollyberries and their cut ’(I wanna go) surfin with Santa’ – this little yuletide honey seems to have been making seasonal forays since its original release in 2009, written by Kip Brown of Shock fame this babe comes pressed up on wax and in seriously limited cassette forms, a Spector-esque snow trimmed surfadelic cutie all decorated in baubles, twinkling lights and a festooning of tinsel and turned, cooed and zipped up by a deliciously affectionate golden age 50’s poppified bubble grooved winter warming wrap. Dare you wish for more, well the cassette would be nice – out via freakbeat for the vinyl and burger records for the cassette…….here’s a quite seasonally sinister video to accompany it…..

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