ultrasound xmas single

Okay – drum roll at the ready…boom, rat ta tat tat – hang on, is that all you can muster, I mean was it really worth the effort, I say effort as an act of kindness, come on if you want to make an impression, an impact, an entrance – you do it in style, grandeur and epic stateliness – a bit like Ultrasound who by all accounts are shortly to release a Christmas single, yep you read right, a fecking seasonal single and have cobbled together a b-movie styled trailer to announce its imminent arrival – reel back aghast ’modranicht’ is pagan, ’modranicht’ is love, ’modranicht’ is re-birth – alas ’modranicht’ is no sounds or clues as to how it goes, guess you’ll have to wait until its release date, and just in case you were wondering that’ll be next week as to ‘modranicht’ roughly translates as ‘mother’s night’ a pre Christian winter solstice celebration of motherhood, survival, death and life – cheery souls aren’t they…….

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