gloom balloon

Why oh why does this draw me back to Mercury Rev’s ‘carwash hair’ and why is it that its managed to indelibly burn itself upon our affections in just one listening, is it its lazy eyed cool, its irresistibly cute slacker vibe, its quickly drilled rap mantra or the fact its possessed of a sentiment that we sadly can share though on more occasions than I care top count. Gloom Balloon are anything but. The solo project of a certain Patrick Tape Fleming who one time or another headed up Poison Control Center. After successful tours with pavement, apples in stereo and of montreal the band went into prolonged hibernation, it was here that Fleming fell headlong into depression, taking up painting a 6 foot canvas named Gloom Balloon revealed to all who saw his near critical fall and unravelling mental state. And then news came to pass of the death of his musical hero Bill Doss, as the press release says ’Gloom Balloon decided to live’. released via the maximum ames imprint, ’she was the one that got away’ is culled from his debuting full length ’you make me feel like a natural disaster / fix the sunshine pts 1-7’ – a shimmering summer toned cutie all tripping drum beats marooned within a smoking hip hop wash of sax’s, horns and flutes, gorgeously airy and dreamy and made all the more attractive by a brief but notable burst of gospel groove. Nuff said…

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