lorelle meets the obsolete

I kid not but it literally took nanoseconds for us to be hooked by this, imminent on Sonic Cathedral / Captcha – well I say imminent – tis in fact February – arrives the third album from Mexican psychedelicists Lorelle meets the Obsolete entitled ‘chambers’. recorded by Cave’s Cooper Crain and mastered by Sonic Boom so you know immediately its got the right credentials ’music for dozens’ has been sneaked out as a taster of what looming on the horizons, an absolute gorgeously shitfaced and wasted slab of swamp dragged twang belching voodoo psych blues that plugs directly into the bardo pond mainframe albeit that’ll be bardo pond on different drugs and squaring up to Gallon Drunk. Stunning in a word. http://www.soundcloud.com/sonic-cathedral/lorelle-meets-the-obsolete-2

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