run dust

From Von Tesla to Tesla, seamless links time – it appears these blighters over at Gnod HQ haven’t been quite as hot off the presses with alerts as we’d like given the labels sneaked out a shed load of cassette releases with not so much as a hello. I’m certain we’ll get around to all of them at some stage though for now we’d advise you to swivel your cyber radar in the general locale of release #12 which features the fractured mechanoid wares of Run Dust. As ever strictly limited to just 50 copies all replete with download codes for non believers in old school analogue, this release features the hard technoid groove gouges of Run Dust who for the squares among you is better known to kith n kin as Ronald Dossier. ‘trank gun’ is a 30 minute head kicking sonic fright wig revealing the schizoid nature of Dossier’s craft that’s to say when he’s not pummelling the hell out of your headspace with his tooled up and in your face battle forged Wagon Christ hitting melting point ‘mistgrenzen’ he‘s apt to go all minimalist funky on your hide on the kraut grooved ‘bruklayer’ – the former a fierce some Dadaist power surging mutant techno beast bending sound curves upon which sit on opposing ends Front 242 and SPK while the latter you could easily imagine stumbling bleary eyed off the groove edges of something emerging from the klangbad imprint. Somewhere else the mind wiping subterranean pulsars of ‘wakers’ – perhaps the most accessible cut here – is a perception altering locked grooved beauty lush with arabesque squiggles riding a tigerbeat6 wave upon a mid 80’s Cabaret Voltaire cosmic surf board. ‘wakers II’ is tripper still, think Muslim Gauze rewiring the back catalogue of Louis and Bebe Barron and relocating it deep in a Tibetan heartland. Personally our favourite moment is the opening ’glintcorp’ – a head flipping slab of skittish robotoid trance which aside having us recalling an as were sparsely degraded ‘rock it’ era Herbie Hancock had us imagining some punch you out fisticuffs bout between two retro styled rock em and sock em bots…..

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