the zzips

Best thing to have sauntered through our speakers since the Simple Kid’s limited ‘the road’ outing for the esteemed Static Caravan I’ll have you know, just love its off road Beck like slacker-esque groove, anyhow it comes from the zzips who if ‘end of rock n roll’ is anything to judge by might just be ones to watch next year. Per the press release this trio used to be sworn enemies each busking on the streets of London, hostilities curdled amid pitched battles, malicious rumour mongering, turf wars and the occasional drive by guitar string snapping incidents – woah woah woah – drive by string snapping incidents – have I just stumbled into a film 4 Guy Ritchie script. Anyhow after a few further slaps and bouts of mean spiritedness in order to even up tallies, they shook hands deciding to deploy their strengths for the greater good namely zzapping (did you see what I did there – hey we’re no slouches) your stereophonic sound system with some smoking cool thoroughbred blues ear candy which to these lobes sounds not unlike some back to basics pulse feeling gathering of road cruising Harrison, Dylan and Petty types just chilling out on moonshine and cranking up on the attitude. Incidentally out on S16 music.

Video sound link here……

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