von tesla

There’s an ongoing and long overdue Mai Mai Mai review that we need to nail into a finished product, we will get onto this task in the coming days, however for now latest on boring machines or at least imminent we assume – is a debuting vinyl set from Von Tesla entitled ‘raised by clear acid’ which should when ready comes housed in a by all accounts natty looking double face folding Corpoc screen printed sleeve replete with download codes to access 46 minutes worth of exclusive sounds. For now the label has posted up opening track ’n3’ as a teaser. Using a old analogue korg MS-20 and a Roland TR-909, ’n3’ stirs bleakly like some damnable dystopian future view, an apocalyptic nightmare scenario digging deep into the ’Blade Runner’ heartland to culture a bleak storm wind where man is no longer this domains predator elect but a passing afterthought, the hunter turned the hunted as were – sound wise this falls headlong into the same inner space void as the Revenant Sea though here found dipping its toes in elements of brooding Radiophonic ear wear as well as the primitive electronic sounds of Cabaret Voltaire. http://www.soundcloud.com/boringmachines/von-tesla-n3

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