velvet morning

Due soon on tree house music a debut self titled EP from Velvet Morning is shaping up to break hearts. They hail from Southend on Sea and number four in their ranks, their press folk cite the hookworms, psychic ills and moon duo as reference markers whilst observing that they have an occasion to dip ever so delicately into the rippling psych pools of Spacemen 3, JMC and Brian Jones Massacre. ‘paranoia’ has been outed as a teaser, its slow prowling twang snake wind and the slow arrest of hollowed almost stoned out bliss traced vibes endears it with a darkly kaleidoscopic Jones in situ Stones styled aura, add to that the softly purred almost comatose vocal murmur and the insidious way it worms itself beneath your skin as it ghosts in and out without so much as a by your leave might well have you digging out your John Carpenter (not that one – the NY based psychedelicist) and Cheval Sombre platters for closer comparable inspection.

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