the lemons

Hands up who remembers the pooh sticks, pristine pop alchemists who were equally adept at turning in buzz grooved power pop and they were at the craft of fizzy teen turned pop, we ask this simply because we’re guessing the Lemons do. Hailing from Chicago the self described lo-fi twee jingle jangle surf popsters have just released their debuting cassette album ‘we are the lemons’ a fourteen track dayglo dinked kooky cookbook indelibly tweaked in the kind of sugary kaleidoscopic alco-pop craft so adored by the Elephant 6 Collective (not least ‘jelly bean’ which is pure Olivia Tremor Control) and featuring a positive cornucopia of teen thrilled tuneage (as on the lo-fi twister-ella bop of ‘chubby checker’) most attractively shoehorned to hit the end groove at barely one minute in length. You might be forgiven for thinking you’d tripped over some lost teen pop flick from the 50’s not least because from start to finish this set is awash in cutesy flashes of 50’s styled golden age shoo-bop ’my candy girl’ rubbing eagerly the shoulders of honey crusted slices of surf dreamed 60’s surf pop as on the opening ’lemon lime’ with its nods to Jan and Dean and the Beach Boys. Elsewhere ’elephant’ has that same bitter sweet effervescence as used to attach to patters put out by another sunny day while ’margo’ is pure tingle teased ram-a-lama pop cuteness. Perfect listening for those of you whose idea of pop heaven is stuff by the raspberries, fortuna pop, matinee recordings, happy happy birthday to me et al……

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