the primitives

And did we just mention the Primitives, getting good at this seamless link lark aren’t we. Anyhow this was originally out last year but has been gathered up on a by all accounts killer Christmas compilation being put out by the Elefant imprint a label who at one time used to send us loads of lovely things when we were losing today and who then sadly let us slip from their mailing lists. There was much heartache I can tell you. Entitled ‘a Christmas gift for you from Elefant’ this initially aired last year and featured a gathering around the snow tipped tinsel tree of Elefant friends, folk and family – among the seasonal cast modular, attic lights, the magic theatre, bmx bandits, fitness forever and so much more besides including the Primitives who stepped up to the fairy dust smothered plate with ’you trashed my Christmas’. fuzz buzzed break up pop is the order of the day festooned in twinkling sleigh bells and seasonal Spector styled swoon, in short a simply stunning slice of snow shimmered strut pop – you can all the songs via the elefant you tube channel at….


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