diverse audio laboratory

More band camp loveliness this time something that should garner admiring glances from those among you with a fondness for all things minimalist analogue electronica. Second collection from Diverse Audio Laboratory -incidentally entitled ‘experiment 2’ – who lurk somewhere in the UK exact destination unknown beyond that the information trail runs cold except to say that this is the second volume of retro futurism from the collective. A gorgeously woozy collection of old school vintage radiophonic idents and primitive electro ram-a-lama that veers to the left side of the ghost box spectrum. Seventeen modular suites fill the canvas from moments of ice sculptured binary circuit chatter as on the playful Plone like ‘radar station’ to the inside imaginings of the plink plonk gloop machine workings of a youthful ISAN as on ‘nowhere station’, whatever the case there’s more than a passing sense that you’ve awoken to find yourself a droid bit map surveying the futuro landscapes of the Barron’s legendary ‘forbidden planet’ sounds cape (‘hidden entrance’). that said best moment surely has to the ominous mechanised groan of ‘shadow factory’ which by our reckoning could easily has fallen foolishly on to the cutting room floor from a slice of Kneale commissioned disturbia from Tristram Cary. http://www.diverseaudiolab.bandcamp.com/album/experiment-two

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