pages from ceefax

Something else of interest to ghost box / radiophonic sound enthusiasts we stumbled across on band camp are two volumes of found vintage cassette collages recorded way back in the 80’s by a would be tape experimentalist. The back story goes thus, a recent clearance of a Victorian house in Birmingham unearths a pile of cassettes upon whose spools are discovered a frozen time capsule of DIY collages made up of radio static, cut ups, ambient swirls, synth loops and narrative streams of consciousness that tap as were into the worlds of Burgess / Orwell and Bradbury. Entitled ’found tape’ Tape 1 and 2 and issued under the collective moniker pages from Ceefax – it’s a project headed up by duo James Kennedy and Allan R Murphy with a promise of more should interest warrant. Sound wise Volume II is the better bet, simply in the main because the side long collages are split up into easily digestible bite sized portions, all at once eerie and very retro they fit their time placement perfectly, initial moment of Volume II notably ‘a44 09’ and ‘liner notes’ have a distinct sounding of Mk I Human League about their wares while towards the falling grooves of ‘iba start up’ subtle washes of a cabaret Voltaire and joy division sound clash weave through the ether. Very strange.


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