various – smashed 40 – slummer jams

Same label – that‘ll be folk tales in case you‘ve already forgotten, just 300 of these – though I’m suspecting that number has seriously diminished given its been out since April time. Pressed up on a double cassette that houses 40 cover versions which I should admit we never realised until we were going through the track list and was immediately drawn to R Stevie Moore’s selection as a starter wherein even then it took us another 10 seconds to realise ‘hang on I know this’. that said it still didn’t hit us that this was a covers collection, even after a quick flip through the list and spotting Simon Joyner doing ‘life in a northern town’ and Edward Gray ‘9 to 5’ – the penny was taking a helluva long time to hit the floor. A cover compilation – fact established – entitled ‘smashed 40 – slummer jams’ title alone should give ample clues as to what to expect, stoned out lo-fi kookiness a-go, R Stevie Moore’s rephrasing of McCartney’s ’coming up’ is a schizoid as they come cradled here in a superbly austere and monochrome new wave refit, somewhere else lurks Amps for Christ wonderfully crooked and slightly off radar enhancement of Lennon’s ‘woman. Add in to listening experience Nicole Kidman’s – I’m suspecting not the Ms Kidman your thinking off – daintily dreamy and dizzy retooling of ‘Heart of Glass’ which reference wise sits somewhere between Suicide and Laurie Anderson, tears for fears’ ‘shout’ is given a cosmic pub singer remodelling by knight rider while we must admit to being a tad smitten by Alvarius B’s dumb ass scuzzy cover of ’prisoner’ . other treats – I should warn that I say treats with a degree of tongues firmly in cheek, Wckr Spgt’s ‘owner of a lonely heart’ is a looned as it gets – lets just say try imagining Daniel Johnston being worked by Emo Phillips while we should mention that the receptionists version of ’just what I needed’ is one of the highlights its left to Charlie McAllister’s absolutely fried and whacked out butchering of the Stones ’waiting on a friend’ which really has to be heard to be believed that gets the sets chosen moment.


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