pleasure curses

Latest in the free to download monthly single series brought by way of quite wonderful digital imprint Everything is Chemical is a three track lovely from the pleasure curses of whom we have absolutely no information about alas. That said account opener ‘shackles’ is well worth a play or five especially if your listening loves occasionally conjure up in their imagining a day when something darkly smoked and suavely adorned in electroid finery came a tooting along like something emerging from a sound clash between the Aloof and the revolutionary corps of teenage Jesus. Obviously the main attraction here is ’envy (find a lead)’ which manages with much aplomb to straddle the shadow lines loosely tying together Animotion and the White Rose Movement and somehow magicking up in the process a deeply alluring slice of floor purring seductive motorik cosmicalia which to these occasionally trusty earlobes sounds not unlike the post Salon Boris smooth electro of black tzar. ’last central’ brings the set to a close though not before entrancing you with its krautian disco hybrid of birdpen and working in a nuclear free city motifs, damn fine if you ask me.

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