super adventure club

I’m certain we’ve a few Armellodie releases kicking around with fond words near long awaited completion. So apologies to the label, press folk, bands and all concerned, to do list has been updated as I write. Not that we are trying to ingratiate ourselves back into their good books as I realise they’ve probably given up on us. That said they’ve a corker loose on the horizon and about to drop any day soon – well in fact it dropped last week – new thing by the super adventure club entitled ‘straight from the dick’ from which we’ve managed to pull ‘turns out my brain was my other brain’. a sub three minute brain scrambler ripped choc-a-bloc full of the kind of angulated and stuttering panic attacking shock treated urgency as was once upon the time the trademark groove gouging of the Cardiacs albeit as though here transplanted on to the frying mindset of the Cravats, all in all an utterly flippant jarring art pop paint bomb jamboree. Wired video looks a lot like this…..

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