end of year gubbins……

And so to the end of year selections. Long time readers of these missives will be all too familiar with our reluctance to cast our votes in such matters, personally because I think they are superfluous fillers for printed titles to use as an excuse for giving staff writers a few weeks off during the silly season. Added to that you are always bound to miss something which has snared your heart more often than not at the start of the year – so at this stage – apologies if that’s been the case. That said we’ve had our arms twisted by the guys at God is in the TV to commit. So against principles here’s our favourite 10 albums of 2013 – well 12 because we’re awkward tykes. The top 4 would have been the top 4 regardless – though not wishing to detract from 5-12 quite frankly there’s been so many wonderful albums this could have been open season – safe to say if we mentioned your album then consider yourself amongst this lot on merit.

Magik markers – surrender to the fantasy
The bordellos – ronco revival sound
Schizo fun addict – the sun yard
Chantal acda – let your hands be my guide
Beautify junkyards – s/t
Lanterns – rock n’ roll Rorschach
Hookworms pearl mystic
Atom eye -the otolith sessions
Oiseaux-Tempete – s/t
Toy – join the dots
Crystal Jacqueline – sun arise
Laura J Martin – dazzle days

As to the tracks of the year – I suggest you thumb through the blog entries via http://www.marklosingtoday.wordpress.com for enlightenment as it gives a perfect insight as to where our headspace is at any given time, however if I was to choose the tracks of the year based on –
1. The track that made me cry and had me much humbled
2. The track that had me going wow
3. The track that’s had us manically hitting the repeat button and connecting us with our younger self…….

Then these are the dudes…..

1. Bordellos – temperature drop
2. Georges Vert – interrupteur jones
3. The new fabian society – Barbarossa

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1 Response to end of year gubbins……

  1. forestpunk says:

    i liked that magik markers record, haven’t heard ANY of the rest of these. Will have to do some investigation. I like that Georges Vert track as well.

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