This trio describe themselves as dream punks, Seasurfer have a debut long player due out soon – well Spring time if your splitting hairs – via the Saint Marie imprint from which this little gem should provide ample evidence as to what lurks on the horizon. Pulled from a Saint Marie dream pop compilation – a double disc 32 track gather of the finest shoe gazing talent currently bubbling beneath the radar and including cuts from presents for sally and resplandor both of whom if memory serves have strayed upon these pages at one or time or another many moons ago, Seasurfer do their stuff with a track entitled ‘we run’. just to be awkward however we’ve settled for a different mix of the same cut currently being paraded on sound cloud. A celestial carnival of spiralling vapour trailing jet streams dissipating into forlorn dream draped cascades, effects pedal bliss out indelibly in awe of the Cocteaus though swooned with the same kind of chime haloed widescreen drift breezed majesty as was once the given remit of Chapterhouse and the Kitchens of Distinction. Nuff said. We’ll try and blag copies of the compilation for further inspection as to that sound cloud link…..

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