the new fabian society

Frankly this has been burning holes in our head since arriving in our in box earlier today, its the latest slice of dark foreboding from the New Fabian Society. Two well received EP’s already under their belt both of which to much grumbling and teeth grinding we appear to have so far missed. This duo hail from Glasgow way and might well prove to be your favourite new band in the coming year especially if your listening loves are tuned somewhat into what might be considered an early 80’s Peel play list for ‘Barbarossa’ due soon on electric company records channels the kind of austere shadow lined post punk back waters as was once the forte of 1919 albeit as though here spiked with the fusion of aggression and agitation of a wired up ’in shreds’ era Chameleons in a face off with the Luddites. That said repeat listens give over and reveal something veering just beneath the surface that might just appeal to you hookworms purists, whatever the case may be there’s no denying this babe blisters and with that provides one of the years best cuts.

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2 Responses to the new fabian society

  1. Jon says:

    Vid for the track can be found here –

  2. Jon says:

    Earlier companion EP’s Exhibition of Love and Hate can be found here for free too

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