sharon jones and the dap kings

More Christmas cuteness this un comes from Sharon Jones and the Dap Tones. Originally appearing on 2010’s ‘soul time’ album ‘ain’t no chimney’s in the projects’ have been dusted down, spruced up and accompanied by a killer cute animated video. As to the track itself a festive ghetto anthem coolly smoked in the finest vintage soul funk threads that the 60’s ever had to offer up, except these dudes aren’t some forgotten relic recently awoken from slumber instead they are cooking hot aural alchemists plugging directly into a rich old school seam that channels Sly Stone albeit purred with the same kind of soft slinky uber cooled craft as so often put out by the lancashire hustlers who used to be the BDI’s at one time though before that were the Panda Gang – all headed up by a voice you’d swear was the result of a cross wiring DNA fusion of Bettye Lavette and Etta James personas. Gem like.


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