the dirty lies

Okay the first of those aforementioned tracks taken from a sampler sent over by those nice folk over at electric company records (the rest you’ll find scattered and dotted amid this and forthcoming missives) comes from the dirty lies. Seems this lot have already released a full length platter to quiet appraise in the shape of ‘the very best of….’ which alas appears to have sneaked beneath our radar. ‘shallow grave’ is something of a sneak peek culled from a forthcoming label debuting EP release. An irresistibly mellowing and frail bitter sweet love note that aside being teasingly brief is clipped with a lightly roving needle like riff that’s aglow in a sunny aspect set atop an almost forlornly resigned and downcast vocal delivery which when paired together endow it with the kind light / dark opposites attract piping that in recent times has attached so affectionately to platters bearing the name Sennen, Decoration and Hillfields upon them. All said it makes for a must hear release.

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