henry blacker

Featuring two members from Hey Colossus and a brother on drums – whose brother were not quite sure – could be your brother if he has a penchant for tub thumping – which we admit sounds in print when reading back like some private aside that old wife’s tales would have you believing procured blindness in men folk. Comedic turns aside – this lot make up Henry Blacker who as it happens are shortly to have their debuting long playing ‘hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings‘ platter debuting on riot season. From that set we’ve this gnarled little blighter ’pullin like a dray’ to drop kick into your comfortable listening space. Typically damaged and deranged not to say a tad demented, this beatnik bastard rumbles ominously, rising from a primordial ooze it flexes its scowling disquiet to a progressive mathian art gouged grooving that’s heavy on the brooding agit core scale whilst surprisingly leaning towards the flame hot psychosis of a youthful Birthday Party, very bad to the bone boogie making that forthcoming album something of a must hear treat. http://www.soundcloud.com/riotseason/henry-blacker-pullin-like-a

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