the miserable rich

Last of the Snowflakes treats comes courtesy of the miserable rich who to much embarrassment – on our behalf not theirs you understand – haven’t featured in these pages for a fair few years. Described as a sort of song of song about ’not feeling Christmassy, then buying loads of presents, having a few drinks and then feeling very Christmassy and celebrating with oodles of trumpets’ or at least words to that effect, we do love song descriptors, profits from this release go to the Philippine victims of typhoon haiyan so dig deep. As previously pressed on white limited to 500 copies and sure to sell like hot mulled wine on an ice frosted night, ’everything you wanted’ this indeed starts off quite mellowed and somewhat wind blown all bitter sweetly hued in weeping strings and echoing whistles which I must say there ought to be a law that all bands include at least just once on their sonic catalogue. Anyhow this bundle of frostiness soon blossoms and unfurls into a, dare we say, sumptuously crafted slice of strut-a-rama shoe shuffling effervescent loveliness flanked by Beatle-esque string corteges on one side and ablaze in trumpeting fanfares the other shoehorned between all this aglow in the kind of sighing frailty of the low anthem, kind of instils a warm fuzzy inner glow.

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