theatre royal and friends

Seems like someone has been busying themselves making study of crafting the perfectly purred seasonal sonic present out of eyeing the Spector handbook of jaunty rock-a-hula and effervescent pop. Out via the Vacilando68 imprint (expect more from the label later on) this sugar rushed slice of snow fairy magic comes from the theatre royal and friends – the friends incidentally in question being a tree gathering festive choir made up of members of the muswells, the dredgermen and kids unique all tipsy of the seasonal air of merriment, mirth and good spirit. ‘I believe in Father Christmas (I don’t want socks)’ is a digital only Christmas cracker festooned in sleigh bells, chime shimmers and sighing 60’s bubble grooved shimmies all kissed with an audaciously infectious feel good sing a long hook hugging chorus line and dipped in a divinely twinkling sepia framed warmth. All proceeds from sales go to Crisis UK.

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