the luck of eden hall

And so to the Luck of Eden Hall, by way of an introduction should you need one, Chicago’s finest alchemists of psychedelic buzz pop. ‘Victoria Moon’ their latest full length has been attracting admiring glances – reviews here shortly. For now though something of a rare treat leaked by way of band camp. ‘Noel and other holiday classics’ gathers together four collectable nuggets culled from various limited issues or pulled from seasonal radio session broadcasts. The set starts with the brief but bracing yuletide salutations of ’lucky Christmas time’ – a fuzz packed snowballing gem stuffed choc-a-bloc with kooky power popping shimmers, slinky sleigh twinkles and Christmas bells all resplendently wrapped up and bow tied in a discernible E6 crafting. Next up and decked in all manner of day-glo trimmings and harmonic halos ‘Noel’ appears adorned in the kind of quickly drilled buzz bombed pop groove which was very much the trademark once upon a time of Velvet Crush though here caught taking sneak peeks at the dB’s songbook. Elsewhere there’s a pretty nifty and lazy eyed take on ‘the little drummer’ here dream weaved in a vintage psych tapestry blended upon lysergic candy twists and reverse loop glazes which all said as woozy as it is pales in the shadow of the parting ‘wonderful red stockings’. tapping directly in the mindset of those dukes of the stratosphear dudes and mainlining heavy on ‘rubber soul’ era Beatles, this hallucinogenic honey literally throws the kaleidoscopic kitchen psink into the mix and ratchets up scramble dials for maximum psych out freakiness. Any questions?

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