I’m suspecting your missing your usual all hell erupting aural dietary needs so we scoured around band camp world and hooked upon this. Death grind core from Russia. Now I’ll be totally frank with you about the reasons as to why this appealed to our impish nature. Okay first the sleeve, very grim and in a certain light quite worrying. Secondly the fact that most of the tracks enter stage left, do their considerable damage and then depart at around 90 seconds. Lastly – be honest how can you resist a band who cite their roles in this grim ordeal not as guitarist, bassist etc…..but ’pain and despair’, ’wounds and traumas’ and ’mourning and consolation’. BOG for that be their name hail from Russia and under their collective arm have been parading the ominously titled ’voluntary burial alive’. agreed not your seasonal happy go lucky listening ware rather more brutal in your face sonic torture fair granted not as sadistic, vicious or without hope as Nails but still prime packed with enough hell howled artillery to have you cowering behind the nearest sofa. That said its not quite all out assault for BOG tweak the blood letting fury with moments of ad hoc serenity clipped wit electro 8bit squiggles and as opening ambit ‘gospel the frightening and encouraging’ reveals elements of math gouged jazz funk kookiness before erupting without warning into chaos and what sounds like pig snorts and the most demonic vocal you’ll ever hear. If you’re looking for something truly tyrannical ’the walls of our bodies’ is so ferocious it literally rips away the top three layers of skin through its abrasiveness . ‘when I see shit I become sentimental’ affirms their doom dread credentials amid a warring sea surge of scowling paranoia while the parting ‘children of third world’ leaves you feeling decidedly ill with a sickly aftertaste/

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