eccentronic research council

Something that’ll be getting immediate attention after the fall of festivities will be the latest long playing platter from Radiophonic riddled rapscallions the Eccentronic Research Council. Due for dansette delight sometime in February via Desolate Spools, ‘magpie billy and the egg that yoked(a study of the northern ape in love)’ is a surreal study of two northern highly individual apes living at the same northern address but at different times, one a shed dwelling motorcycle enthusiast the other a progressive rock lover . Still with us. As previously those ERC dudes Flanagan and Honer get busy with the retro flock paper adorned electroid analogue squiggles leaving Ms Maxine Peake to recite strange tales of weirdness and wonder in typically nonchalant matter of fact-ness. Guess at this stage you fancy a taster, good for you because the impish trio have let loose on licence the opening salvo ’MB motorcyycle enthusiast’ a six and a half minute – hang of scratch that – a sub three minute honey with three a half minutes of silence tagged to its rear which translates like in a kooky psychotropic carnival of swirling fair ground sound flurries upon rigid motorik beats with Ms Peake doing a damn fine femme version of Mark E Smith atop some lost Goblin trance tripper resuscitated from obscurity by Zombi.

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