We mentioned Ummagma in passing a missive or two ago, a dream pop duo – Alex and Shauna be their names – who in recent times have come up on the radar of a certain Robin Guthrie no less. New twin set out just now via emerald and Doreen is your classically drilled shoe gaze swoon, lead out track ‘rotation’ emerging from out of a hazy showering of fuzzy flurries to resplendently seduce the star set heavenly formations in a softly unfurling floorshow of sonic snow bursts much adored as were as though emerging from the subdued and lovelorn hand of a ‘loveless’ era My Bloody Valentine. That said we’re quite smitten in truth by the flip cut ‘live and let die’ – alas not the McCartney Bond cut of old but a self penned slice of smoky 60’s styled lounge torch loveliness that manages to trade a down tempo kitchen sink cool of St Etienne with the alluring sophisticat elegance of Musetta, in short a class apart.

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