essaie pas

Responsible for causing mild heart flutters in our listening space, we happened across Essaie Pas via band camp during a restless night unable to sleep and desperately in need of hearing something new. A duo residing in Quebec, the only clues here being he plays everything and she plays everything and sings. They’ve just released a limited vinyl 6 track – we’re assuming – debut release entitled ‘nuit de noce’ via teenage menopause / malditos records which is riddled with drop dead cool noir electronics which for description purposes we’ll just say for now sounds like something from the bastard offspring of a Link Wray and Nico bunk up not least on ’hey hey’ wherein the spectral psych blues twangs eke out a brooding dark hearted mantra from out of which emerging from the fog something chilling and suspense riddled looms as though swamp dragged from a David Lynch film. That said parting shot ‘devotion’ is a killer post punk slab of chill noir minimalism shrouded in a deathly bleak beauty that imagines a seriously flat lined Suicide holed up in a late 70’s eastern bloc underground studio cutting shapes with Xmal Deutschland. On the strength of this well worth keeping an eye on, while we hunt down that album here’s the sound links.


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